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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Incredible Hulk #181...1st Appearance of Wolverine

There are so many iconic characters in comic books and from different companies, too. Most comic book fans, and especially Wolverine fans, are familiar with The Incredible Hulk #181. This book represents the first appearance of the fan favorite X-Man, Wolverine. Is there any way the creators of Wolverine could have known he would be so popular? Of course not. Character creation and development is the result of the efforts of different writers and artists who write stories and design character costumes and appearances. The development of Wolverine and his popularity can be accredited to several different individuals including Chris Claremont, Paul Smith, Jim Lee and others. Although Hugh Jackman is definitely TOO TALL to play Logan, everything else about the actor fits perfectly. I cannot imagine anyone else portraying him on film; and to think it was almost Dougray Scott...nope dont think so.

Wolverine comics are selling at a premium right now. I recently just sold Incredible Hulk #181 on E-Bay for $362 and it had the Marvel Stamp cut out of it. I will be posting some new wolverine listings and some sought after books. Rightnow I have some really cool stuff on my site. Why not take a look. My prices are fair and reasonable. Let me know what you think of the movie after it hits the theatres.