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Friday, November 14, 2014


So it has been a while since we posted anything on this blog site.  We apologize for that.  We have been busy with a lot of things and working on growth of the company while ignoring our online presence.  That was probably a mistake, we admit, but it is time to for a resurrection of sorts.  We want to be widely known and have a strong Internet presence.  Why?  The answer is quite simple...WE LOVE COMICS!

We need your help, though.  We simply ask that you give us a chance to be your comic book resource and share our presence online with all your social media friends.  Help us help you.  We believe that folks like you want and deserve the best comics and the best customer service without paying a lot of money.  We try to keep our prices below book value when we can so that you can feel good about your purchases.  We want you to come back to us over and over again.  We LOVE this business and this industry.  Yeah, we know that sometimes the comic companies don't always tell the stories we like or they head down story lines that don't always make sense, but it is still our favorite industry!  Where can you go to get this stuff?  Sci-Fi and Comics have changed the world.  Who knows what is in store for tomorrow!!

We are glad to be back.  Our website is under construction.  Until then you can visit our eBay store or our Facebook store.  You can also send us an email