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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

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Is Brian Michael Bendis the Best Comic Book Writer Ever?

With the creation of the Illuminati, Civil War and Secret Invasion, Brian Michael Bendis has done more than just make the Marvel Universe exciting again. He has unified the Universe bringing past and present together, cleaning up story holes from times past, made crappy characters cool and made cool characters awesome. His twists and turns and exciting plots keep us wanting more and more and more just as it should be. With the popularity of Marvel and the story arcs that are taking place, most of which originate in the mind of Bendis, many would argue that he is the greatest comic writer in the history of comics. What do you think? Is this the case?

I love reading Bendis' work. He has made me want to read more and more. I feel like I did when I was 16 reading Claremont's X-men stories, or when I was in my 20's and Alex Ross recreated the DC Universe with Kingdom Come. I love reading Bendi's work, plain and simple. I think he is the best writer in the industry at this time. However, comparing Bendis' to past writers is like comparing Barry Bonds to Babe Ruth or Mark McGwire to Hank Aaron. The comparisons are not quite that simple to make. Different eras brought about different creators; creators that were needed at the time. Is it fair to compare Alex Ross with Jack Kirby? Both have displayed talent above the expectation of the time and set a new bar for others to reach. Brian Michael Bendis certainly has done that for the industry. Comparing him to the likes of Stan Lee, a most humble creator, would not be fair. Why?

Stan Lee changed the face of comics in a way that Bendis has not done. He did not just create story-lines and plots, he created characters that have been come national icons. Spider-Man and the X-Men are international icons. They are known the world over. In fact, most of the popular Marvel characters were created during an era when they were most needed and have held their popularity even now. Iit was Stan Lee and his buddies who brought that about.

Bendis is an awesome writer and I love what he has done with the Marvel Universe. Without Stan Lee and his friends, however, none of it would be possible. What do you think? Who is the greatest comic book writer of all time?

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