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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Michael Neno's New Comic - The Signifiers

Michael Neno, winner of the Award of Excellence from the Governor of Ohio, has recently produced a great new comic book featuring a sci-fi apocalyptic war story with a character named Splash who has to choose to obey or fight against a mysterious force called The Voyst.  Michael Neno is the recipient of a Xeric Grant, has done lettering for Dark Horse and Paul Pope's Horse Press, written and drawn the cover story for Silver Comics #8, 2 contributions to Cracked Magazine, coloring for a Beetle Bailey charity drawing by Mort Walker, and illustrations for the upcoming anthology, The American Zig-Zag.  Michael also writes and draws the online graphic novel, The Mesh.

I recently received a signed copy (thanks Michael) of .The Signifiers #1, and I found it quite interesting.  What or who are The Signifiers?  I don't know.  This is what makes it cool because Michael's unique writing style left us hanging at the end of the first issue.  Great writers are known for cliff hangers and leave the reader wanting to read more, salivating for the next issue.  While I admit that I had some trouble following the story in the beginning, by the time I got to the end I was left wanting to know who The Signifiers were!

The other thing I loved about this book was the art style.  It was done in black and white but in old school style.  It had a Kirbyesque look about it, and it was clearly done with a pen and india ink style of artwork.  This is art that is penciled and inked by hand with a brush or inking pen.  In fact, my copy was so fresh I could still smell the fresh ink off of the press.  I have always been a fan of Jack Kirby and while I am sure Michael wants to establish his own unique art style, I could not help but make that comparison.  It is unique in it's own right but also has that Kirby appeal to it. 

There is also a story about Landlark, The Heat Seeking Dwarf.  It is an interesting tale that quickly captures your attention and holds it.  This 48 page comic is priced at $4.95 and you can get an autographed copy directly from Michael Neno at the following link...
This is a link directly to Michael's site because we do not have any here at Krypto-Knight Comics!   We know you will enjoy this book so get your signed copy today! 

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