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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Photos Forever, Bringing the Past to the 21st Century

If you are like me then you have a lot of pictures stacked in a box or dying in an old photo album.  These in turn are on a shelf on a book case collecting dust or are in a closet often forgotten until Spring cleaning next year with every intention of putting them in a frame on the wall or scanning them into your computer to save for future use.  But, like most things, it gets put off to future intentioned dates because to scan all of those photos is just too daunting of a task...and who has the time!  Sound familiar?

I found a solution.  The great folks at have just the operation for you.  Simply box up your photos and ship them out.  Not only do they scan your photos for you but they can even restore them.  Your newly restored photos can be stored electronically forever.   In addition, they can take old video recordings (does your VCR clock still blink?) and transfer it to a digital file.  How cool is that?

I have not asked them any questions about digitizing my old comics that are beat up but I'm sure anything can be done for the right price.  If you have some old photos you want preserved, or even new ones for all you non-digital camera folks (you do realize it is the 2nd decade of the 21st century?), contact Scan Digital.  We may not live forever, but our pictures might.