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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Krypto-Knight Comics Website Redesign

I never realized the amount of work that goes into designing a well functioning website. However, I am very happy with the new design for Krypto-Knight Comics. We have a website that is more user friendly, brighter in appearance, fun to navigate and, of course, great prices. I have always tried to keep prices below book values to benefit customers. So what's on the new site? At present there are over 150 pages to the site with many more to be added. Building the databases of comics is very time consuming and we have 1000's or comics and other items to add. In addition, we have changed the Krypto-Knight Comic Book Club to allow more fans to join. You can now join for FREE, although some aspects will be limited. Paid membership, which is very inexpensive, provides discounts, bonuses, special offers and special auctions. Free membership allows you access to basic auctions and to the forums. The Forum requires a separate sign-in so technically you do not have to be a KKC Member to participate, you just will not be allowed to participate in our auctions.
You will also notice that we made the site a little more fun by adding various comic book characters throughout the website. Funny images, quotes, and word bubbles add a bit of humor and fun to the environment. After all comics are supposed to be fun...right? Starting in January we will return to our weekly trivia contests and games, and our goal is to try and do a better job of tracking our winners. We had so much going on in 2011 that some aspects fell to the wayside. Our contests were an experiment and we were not sure how they would fare but we had 100's of participants this past year which was great. It was unexpected so early on but it was fun. Our goal for 2012, is to bring you a better experience. We are always open to suggestions and compliments. We welcome the criticism, too, as it helps us identify areas where we can improve. As we add new pages we will inform you so that you can check them out for yourself. If we do not have your email address then you can send it to us via our Contact Us page on the website. In the meantime, please visit the new

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Enhance Your Reading Experience

Reading is a favorite past time for a great majority of people. Whether we are reading comics, novels, articles or even reading articles online like this one, those of us who read find great pleasure and relaxation in this intellectual activity. I enjoy escaping this harsh world in which we live into one where reality is what we bend it to become. Superheroes vanquish villains in the face of unfavorable odds, space exploration reaches the farthest corners of the universe, and the unbelievable conquests of human achievement triumph over adversity. These realms of fantasy, fame, fortune and freedom allow us all to frolic in the footsteps of fantastic fables. I have discovered a wonderful way to enhance any reading experience, especially if you live in colder weather. Coffee.
Starbucks, Seattle's Best and even Dunkin' Donuts has capitalized on what they know we all enjoy. Yet, in times of cold weather, or late nights when you are relaxed in bed wearing your Justice League pajamas, or curled up in the recliner under your Spider-Man fleece, the thought of going out into the cold to your favorite coffee shop just does not seem quite as appealing. I discovered recently that there is a company that offers great coffee you can order online and delivered right to your doorstep. It is called ROASTe and they can be found at They offer a wide variety of flavors, roasts and espresso coffees to satisfy any pallet. In addition, you can find needed supplies, coffee makers and more to create those sought after elixirs you crave. They are a great company, and they allow you to build a profile in which you put your personal tastes. In turn, they can provide you suggestions custom fit to your liking. Relaxing with your favorite comic, novel or movie with a warm cup of your favorite 'joe' is hard to resist. I drink at least one cup everyday from one of my two favorite mugs. I have a black mug with a yellow Batman symbol that I have had since I was 15 and I have a white mug with the Krypto-Knight Comics logo on it. Both are very cool and I enjoy having a cup when I read. Plus, the caffeine in coffee helps stimulate brain activity which enhances my reading experience. At the top of this page, you will see an ad for a ROASTe gift card to use on yourself or one that you can get for the coffee lover in your life. We like them enough to post an ad for them. Feel free to check them out and discover what a cool company they are.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Captain America Movie Comments

Well I realize I am a little late with these comments. I finally saw Captain America: The First Avenger last night and my initial response to the film is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I realize that some aspects of the film are not true to Captain America comic book canon so let me first say to all those who are going to cry and moan over that fact to just get over it. Never has a comic book movie ever been exactly as the comic book story originally was written. In fact, mainstream comic companies like DC and Marvel have a difficult time holding to their own universal story lines. When this happens we, as readers, viewers, and fans have to just step back and ask ourselves if the story is well written, are the visual interpretations well presented, and do we feel entertained when we reach the conclusion. When I apply this to Captain America I have to say that I enjoyed the film.

One aspect I enjoyed more than most is the visual representation of the Red Skull's scientific equipment and flying ships. They had that futuristic design popular in the 1940's comics. Those designs, when combined with the literal era pieces, gave it a nice comic book feel without becoming too campy. I also felt that the simplistic visual effects for the Red Skull were believable as opposed to just looking like a stupid mask or bad makeup.

In regards to Cap's uniform I must admit that I had concerns upon my initial viewing of the trailer, but after watching the film I felt like it was more appropriate to the era and the story. Presenting a cheap campy version during his entertainment tour of duty lent to a more appropriate battle version that was more in line with the World War II era. It reflected well the time period and what one might expect. My hope is that in the upcoming Avengers film that his costume will be more appropriate to the modern era.

My one complaint about the film was that there was not enough of action with Steve as Captain America highlighting him as a hero. The majority of his action shots were in the campy uniform covered by a leather jacket, and the scenes with him in his official uniform were too few and short for my taste. I also felt that the movie could have gone another 15 or 20 minutes and still not have been too long. However, taking the time to develop Steve Roger's pre-Captain character was essential to appreciating him as a humble man and why he would appreciate the gift provided him. This development will hopefully fuel his character in a greater way when he makes a powerful appearance in The Avengers. The contrasting characters of Tony and Steve will be fun to watch.

Overall, I will say I am pleased with what Marvel Studios did with Captain America: The First Avenger. I could watch it several more times and be happy with it.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Enter the Thunder God! Thor Film Rocks the Theater!

I cannot recall the last time I was so excited about seeing a movie. As the Thor film approached it's release date I chose not to read reviews, look at the pictures, or take in any knowledge that might affect my view of the film before seeing it. However, since I have seen the film I can honestly say was spectacular!!!

Spoiler Alert: If you have not yet seen the film and do not want to know aspects of what happens do not read any further.

I greatly appreciated the loyalty to the Marvel character's history as it appeared in the comic. While some changes were obviously evident in the storyline, those changes did not take away from the character nor did they define him as something he was not. It proved to be what you would expect from a film that needs to tell decades of history in under 2 hours. It was filled with laughter, action, drama, and special effects that made you believe it was real.

The Asgardians are described as a race from another realm within the physical universe. The Vikings would have believed them to be gods and in the movie it is clearly explained that they are the protectors of the nine worlds that exist. Though they are a higher level of being above humans, they are not without their faults and challenges.

Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Thor is a perfection in itself capturing his immature hunger for a fight while seeing his on-screen growth to a responsible hero of both Earth and Asgard. He is believably Thor!

Tom Hiddleston was perfect for the role of Loki and captured the underhanded mischievous nature of Thor's adopted brother. His range of expressions, the somber feelings over Thor's banishment, his hurtful anger at Odin for not revealing to him his origin, and his lust for power and revenge were so remarkable that you both hated and felt sorry him.

Who else could have portrayed the authority of Odin and his wisdom better than Anthony Hopkins? From a powerful leader and warrior to a humble king and loving father, Hopkins made the role of Odin epic and alive.

The film also provided us with tastes of what lies ahead from Marvel Studios with a cameo of Hawkeye and a vision of the Cosmic Cube at the end of the credits. Loki, of course, is not out of the picture and it seems he will play a pivotal role in the upcoming Avengers film.

We would like to know what you think of the film. Take part in our poll and leave a comment as to your thoughts. There is so much we could say about the film but we would rather here from you. VoteDid You Like the Thor Film?
Aye! It rocked like thunder!
Nay! It was not worthy!
Mine eyes have not yet seen it!
The jury is still out on this one!

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Monday, March 14, 2011

The 1970's - A Great Decade For Comics!

Wolverine, Darkseid, Black Lightning, Black Panther, Luke Cage, Sabretooth, Patsy Walker, Etragan, Ghost Rider and myself all have something in common. We are are tied to the comic book industry and we were all produced in the 1970's.

The 70's were a cool decade that brought us Saturday Night Fever, Kojack, Superman The Movie, Star Wars, and Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. It was time unlike any other as unrest on the world scene increased. Terrorism beginning to show its ugly face, an oil crisis plagued the world, the US Presidency was in turmoil and inflation was through the roof! Yet, out of the ashes of world turbulence, new heroes arose that led the comic book industry back into an industry of demand and want.

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby continued to produce great stories and art but the art of such individuals like Neal Adams and Jim Aparo helped take the industry to a new level. The stories of the 70's took on real life issues of the day such as teenage drug abuse, domestic violence, terrorism, pollution, cold war and other similar topics. Governmental corruption became more dominate in the news and likewise showed up in the pages of comics. The world increased in more turmoil following the Vietnam War and what it needed was a new breed of heroes and villains. Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze) and Wolverine serve as an example of the type of anti-typical heroes that arose to take on issues that called for more than simply a 'feel good' solution. Readers wanted retribution and such heroes delivered it.

Horror comics also took on greater roles and increased in popularity during the 1970's. Werewolf by Night, Dracula, Morbius, Blade, Swamp Thing and similar titles/characters became a mainstay during a period of what seemed to be a dark hopelessness. The darker, edgier characters were fitting for the time. Blood, gore and the occult ruled the era that was already ransacked with it.

Long time heroes such as Batman and Green Lantern also took on edgier roles during this period which led them to the kind of characters they still are today. The 1970's blurred the line between heroism and villainy and it made right vs. wrong more difficult to distinguish. Violence grew darker in comics as it also grew darker in the real world.

The 1970's produced an age of comics that certainly was not 'golden'. Yet the demand for Bronze Age issues increases as the nostalgia of such issues are a favorite among modern collectors. It is certainly one of my favorite decades for comics, not because of the darkness, but because of the willingness of the industry to change, the manner in which real problems were addressed, and because of the evident demonstration that answers to problems among humans and heroes is not always as clear cut as we might like them to be. The struggle of heroes helped readers relate to their own issues.

To celebrate the 70's, we have decided to make our contest this week (week of 03-14-2011) 1970's Week. Watch for our contests on Facebook, Twitter or join our email list.

What are you favorite story lines, heroes, villains, artists, etc for the 1970's? We would love to know. Leave a comment and we will give you 20 points per word toward our weekly contest.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Comic Book Black History Week

February in the United States is Black History Month. I would be negligent not to acknowledge the black writers, artists, creators, heroes, villains and supporting characters that have helped make comics fun and exciting. This week we will be making the theme of our contest Black History.

It is quite easy for anyone of any race to view another as inferior. It is almost human nature to view ourselves as superior to others even in arenas outside that of race. Among heroes, however, that should never be the case. All humans are equal and deserve the same respect and dignity as any other. Our view at Krypto-Knight Comics is one of equality. We appreciate people from all backgrounds, races and cultures. The difference in backgrounds and skin color bring life to our planet and provide variety for us to enjoy. The human race is like a box of crayons with new colors being added regularly. When we work in harmony with all the different colors we can create beautiful things.

Black and African-American comic book characters are just as good and evil as any other. They bring character and life to the universe and have proven to be the favorites among comic book fans. Let us share a few of ours.

Who cannot ignore the total coolness of Black Panther. An African king and member of the Avengers not only is quite intimidating to villains but he is well respected by his fellow heroes for his honor and ethics. As an honorable king he cares for his people and he has a cool costume too!

Storm, powerful mutant and member of the X-Men, is without doubt one of Marvel's most famous black heroes. As former leader of the X-Men and weather master, she has proven to be a force to reckon with among villains. Few are able to withstand her fury when it is at its peak and it can be frightening if you are on the receiving end of it. Her marriage to Black Panther makes for a great alliance!

Powerman, Luke Cage, is not the kind of guy you want mad at you. When it comes to playing games, he doesn't! His role in the Marvel Universe has become ever more involved over the last decade and a renewed interest in the character is a nice thing to see.

Among the most powerful of all black comic book characters is John Stewart, Green Lantern. His strong will for justice and his upright ethics have made him a perfect choice to wield a 'green ring'. He knows how to use it too! His reputation for what is moral and his desire to protect life far exceed the boundaries of earth. His reputation is known throughout the galaxy as an honorable, yet powerful, Green Lantern. His demonstration of leadership has been evident in his role on the Justice League animated series. John Stewart is definitely among our favorites!

Other heroes that also deserve attention include The Falcon, Spawn, Black Lightning, Bishop, War Machine, Mace Windu and many more. Which black superhero is your favorite? We would like to hear from you!

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

iPhone App For Comic Book Day

Have you ever wondered which books are coming out on Wednesday's? Now you can find out everything that comes out each Wednesday with a new app for the iPhone. It is the Comics Day App and it was designed by my longtime

high school friend and fellow comic book fan Joe Martine, owner of Martine Lounge, LLC. Joe's Comics Day App ties in with Diamond Distributor's releases of comics and merchandise each week so that those with the app will know what issues and toys to pick up from their local comic shops on Wednesdays. Anyone with an iPhone should not be without it. The best part is that it is FREE! Maybe I can convince Joe to make one for BlackBerry!

Here is the link to get the app...

Monday, January 31, 2011

"Why So Serious? Let's Put A Smile On That Face!"

Those words issuing forth from the Joker's mouth in the film The Dark Knight will stand as one of the most famous lines in movie history. Throughout the Batman's history the Joker has been easily identified by that evil grin plastered against his pale skinned face. However, he will not be the only comic book character identified by his grin. Let me introduce to you...The Maniacal Smile!

Who is the Maniacal Smile? Fierce Comics, publisher of 'The Smile' describes the comic in this way...

"Born with super irritable bowel syndrome, Alex McClendon uses his powers to protect the city of Utopia. And when he dons The Maniacal Smile suit, you can be sure that there'll be a splatter of action. Keeping Alex from just farting around with his powers are his ex-hero Uncle Rich and his lab assistant the enigmatic E.V.I.L. Robot. But not everyone knows that Alex is the Maniacal Smile. His best friends Puffy, who owns a comic book shop, and Nikki can never seem to spend any time with the ever-disappearing Alex. Teenage angst, girl problems, and city destroying threats are all a day in the life of THE MANIACAL SMILE!"

Fierce comics sent me an issue to review and I have to say that I could not help but laugh at the crazy antics of this story. Mike Foss scripts the character with laugh-out-loud humor that borders on the juvenile and considering that the hero is a teenager growing into the role of hero, juvenile is quite fitting. Rob Rhine, creator of 'the Smile', provides the art and colors and gives the book a bright look fitting of the character. The artwork is superb and I found it entertaining to look at. The story flows easily with simple page layouts, and the paper on which it is printed is of a higher quality than you might expect from an Independent title.

The aspect I enjoyed the most about this book, though, is what was mentioned earlier. IT IS FUNNY! It brings 'comic' back into the meaning of 'comic book'! So if you want to read a GREAT book, see some fantastic art and get a good laugh, then pick up an issue of The Maniacal will put a smile on your face!

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Passing of the Torch - Flame Off

"Flame On!" How many times have we heard or read those words. They seem to have a 'flare' to them...pun intended. For Fantastic Four fans, and in particular those fans of Johnny Storm, the Human Torch, they will no longer be heard. In true hero fashion the fun-loving and wise-cracking member of the team gave of himself to save his family. He will always be remembered for his wit, humor, courage and bravery, and despite the apparent acts of immaturity he demonstrated a willingness to do what it took to save the day.

As is always the case when a hero falls, there is that possibility that he may return. In the world of comics anything is possible. Heroes just will not stay dead. Will that be the case with Johnny Storm? Will he rise from the ashes to again
ignite the fiery fun of the comic world and his team? Or will he simple burn as a memory of a once great hero? We have no answers. For now all we can do is acknowledge the passing of the Torch!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Fantastic Four Was A Fantastic First!

Stan Lee was on his way out of the comic book industry until he saw the fans reactions to a newly formed Superhero team he called The Fantastic Four. The new comic proved to be a sensation and it prompted Stan to stay in the business, a fact to which all of us true fans are grateful. Fantastic Four was a first in many respects. Not only did it help introduce the Silver Age for Marvel Comics but its approach to superheroes was different and unique. How so?

In Fantastic Four #1, the heroes did not sport costumes. They were public figures rather than hide behind secret identities. There dis-functional aspects as a "family" made for great dialogue between the characters. Ben's grumpiness, the Torch's childish antics, the spats between Reed and Sue, and Reed's guilt and self-blame over Ben's condition made them more human and fans related. At the same time, however, the Fantastic Four functioned well as a team.

The FF were a first in another way. They were the first Marvel superhero team and their success lead the way for other great teams like the X-Men, Avengers, Inhumans, Defenders and more. You may wonder though about the All-Winners Squad from 1941. Although the characters are from the "Marvel Universe", they were printed under the moniker of Timely Comics, Marvel's predecessor. Under the official Marvel Comics name, Fantastic Four became the first superhero team.


Sadly this quartet of quarrelsome characters has come to an end. In Fantastic Four #557, released today, one member of the Fantastic Four dies. Sources reveal that Johnny Storm, the most childish among them, does the most adult thing any true hero would do. The Human Torch sacrifices himself so that his loved ones, Reed, sue & Ben can escape the Negative Zone. Whether Johnny Storm remains dead or is resurrected in famous Marvel fashion, he still remains one of Marvel's most loved heroes.

Who is your favorite Fantastic Four member? We would like to know.

Visit us on the web at VoteWho Is Your Favorite Member of the Fantastic Four?
Mr. Fantastic

Invisible Woman

The Human Torch

The Thing

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Evolution of Batman, Great Artists Create A Legacy

Bob Kane, with the uncredited aid of Bill Finger, sold the rights for a superhero in 1939 to National Comics. The hero proved to be an everlasting icon among comic book characters. Batman has gone from the pages of comics to be featured in newspaper comic strips, novels, graphic novels, television shows, cartoons and films. He is among one of the most celebrated and recognized characters in all of comic book history.

Despite the diverse markets in which Batman has been shared, the one that continues to define him is the comic book. His history is written and established through the pages of one of imagination's oldest outlets. The artists who have been privileged to bring Batman to life have also affected the dynamics of such a visible character. Many great artists, and some not-so-great, have penciled the Caped Crusader and Dark Knight to life each leaving him with their own touch, their own mark and their own interpretation.

Different eras have defined different styles. Different artistic media have also been used, such as animation, painted art and dynamic pencils. Among the greats are such ones as Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Neal Adams, Dick Sprang and others. Through their work Batman has grown to what he is today. Their definition of justice is revealed through their artistic impression of Batman.

We would like to know what you think. Which art style and artist do you prefer and enjoy. Cast your vote below, leave a comment about your favorite Batman artist and share with us as we continue Batman Week. Be sure to visit us at our website, VoteWhich Batman Artist Do You Like The Best?
Bob Kane

Dick Sprang

Neal Adams

Jim Aparo

Frank Miller

Norm Breyfogle

Tim Sale

Jim Lee


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Monday, January 17, 2011

Batman's Next Onscreen Villain

Heath Ledger gave Batman fans what they wanted...a truly evil Joker! Since the release ofThe Dark Knight, fans have been eager to see what Batman villain will be next on Christopher Nolan's list. To this point we have seen in his films, The Scarecrow, Ra's Al Ghul, The Joker and Two-Face. I would like to see a truly frightening film with The Scarecrow. I felt that character had great potential. One thing for certain, though, is that Nolan will have a difficult time following up The Dark Knight with another stellar movie. The rumor mill has it that the villain will be The Riddler and that the 'evil questioner' will be portrayed by Johnny Depp. No facts have yet to be established.

We want to know who you would enjoy seeing take on the Batman. Cast your vote and then leave a comment why you chose your particular villain. VoteWho Should Be the Next Villain in the Batman Movie?
The Penguin

Killer Croc




The Riddler

Ventriloquist & Scarface

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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sabretooth - The Evil Enemy of Marvel's Favorite Mutant, Wolverine

Every great story has a protagonist (the hero) and an antagonist (the villain). This is true even in comic books. Consider for a moment the great hero-villain match ups; Superman & Lex Luthor; Batman & The Joker; Spider-Man & The Green Goblin; Fantastic Four & Doctor Doom. Among the great rivalries in the comic universe is Marvel's favorite mutant, Wolverine, and his arch-villain, Sabretooth.

Sabretooth is easy to describe. He is pure evil. He has no love for people, mutant or otherwise, and he has a craving for violence, terror and blood. His relationship with Wolverine was a mystery for decades until it was explained in Origins and also partially on the big screen in the movie Wolverine. He has drawn, written and portrayed almost always the same. Taylor Mane's character in the 1st X-Men film was somewhat different in that he seemed to be nothing more than Magneto's lap dog. In most other stories, however, he is portrayed as the intelligent villainous being that he is. It is almost as if his mutant ability is evil itself even proving himself the better of Wolverine in most encounters.

In the mainstream Marvel Universe, Sabretooth eventually meets his end at the hands of Wolverine. Using the Muramasa blade, which interferes with their mutant healing factors, Wolverine decapitates Sabretooth for his murderous and criminal acts against humanity and mutantkind. His body and head were left to rot in the snow of the Canadian wilderness. If and when we see a return of Sabretooth remains to be seen.

From the pages of Iron Fist #14 to the big screen, Sabretooth is loved only as a nemesis to Wolverine. As a fan favorite villain, we would like your opinion on which version of Sabretooth is the best. Cast your vote below and feel free to leave your comments about this evil Marvel character. VoteWhich Sabretooth Is Your Favorite?
Marvel Sabretooth

Ultimate Sabretooth

Liev Scheiber Sabretooth

Taylor Mane Sabretooth

Sabretooth Tiger

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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Legends of "The Fall": Grifter Meets the Punisher

Comic books got their name early in the 20th Century because they began as collections of comic strips. They were funny, whimsical, comical. However, with the introduction of characters like The Shadow, Superman, Flash Gordon and Captain America, comic books began to take on new roles and address new issues. These issues have varied from warfare, mob violence, crime, drug abuse, murder, racism, political indifference, extraterrestrial invasions and much more. Today comic books are far less comical. While characters like Archie and Bugs Bunny still exist, far more common are mutants like Wolverine and dark vigilantes like The Punisher. There are comic books that focus on teaching kids moral values, heroism and equality. Many, however, are geared toward adult audiences with their gritty nature, hard language and graphic violence. Among the ranks of the grittier characters is a vigilante known as "The Fall".

Published by PLB Comics, The Fall is a character that seeks out those who cause harm to others, such as drug dealers, murders, occultists and the like. He brandishes his own style of justice. He is mysterious, elusive and strikes fear into the hearts of those who are determined to do wrong or who bring harm others. He is a cross between Wildstorm's Grifter and Marvel's Punisher. He brings an edge and a darkness to justice without mercy.

I have never been a fan of these type of characters. However, the artwork which PLB brings to there comics is undeniably great. Mat and Josh Shockley, the owners of PLB, enhance the darkness of the character and his story by leaving the book in a black and white format. The artwork (contributed by Russell Walton, Jim McMunn, Nathan Thomas Milliner, Brad Hudson and Larry Crew, Jr.)is fabulous and clean. Unlike a Bill Sienkiewicz who could bring a gritty edge even to Superman, the guys at PLB Comics do the opposite. By maintaining a clean, crisp look to their art and keeping the flow of the story solid, they have been able to establish the fierceness of the character to the point that even the reader feels intimidated by him. Good art is a challenge and the guys at PLB comics have conquered it.

As a warning to all readers, though. The Fall, along with other comics that PLB prints, is full of hard language, adult subjects and scenes that are not appropriate for younger readers. If you do not like this type of comic then this is not the book for you. However, if you enjoy the grittiness of both story and character, then The Fall is your guy. He makes the Punisher look like a big baby!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cape, Television's Newest Comic Hero

Comic book superheroes and characters like them have become increasingly popular both in television and on the big screen. Sunday night saw the newest of these programs hit NBC with the show called The Cape. If you are a comic book and superhero fan then no doubt you watched it just to see if it would be worth following. We understand because we watched it too. Here is what we thought.

The Cape is obviously a made for TV superhero and we are sure that there will be a comic book adaption of the show. As to who will nab the honors, our guess will be DC but we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, we were pleased with what we watched. Visually it was exciting because the show presented more costumed characters, villains with unique names, crimes in line with what comic books might present, and great separation between the heroes and the villains. You knew early on who was on what side.

The explanations as to how the cape worked, his abilities to use it, and the illusions he was taught in order to appear to have super powers were original. We liked the Oracle type character called Orwell (obviously similar), and as time goes on we will learn more about her background and her reason to fight crime. Our guess is that she must be the daughter of Chess. We will have to wait and see if our predictions prove true.

We enjoyed the interaction between the characters, the sacrifice made by the hero (there is always a sacrifice), the hilarious one-liners and off beat jokes which gave it some color, and, of course, the overall look of the show.

The down side, if there is one, is that it was cliched and predictable. You almost knew what would happen next with each frame. Every aspect of the show was much like a comic story line. The bad guy wins one and the good guy wins one. Both live to fight another day. The hero is framed for what the villain has done while the villain goes on being the town hero to everyone. However, this is nothing new as comic books are often cliched much like films and TV programs. There is rarely anything new under the sun. However, the predictability of the show was not necessarily a turn off. It seemed to be very well written in a simple style, easy to follow and the special effects gave the show an eye catching flare. Regardless of what happened you wanted to keep watching.

The Cape will prove to be interesting. We hope it will continue to catch viewers attention and keep them intrigued. At this point, we give it a positive review. We would like to know what you think. Did you like the show? Will you continue to watch it? Share your insights with us. The discussion is now open!

The Best Wolverine Costume

Everybody's favorite Marvel Mutant, Wolverine, has dawned several costumes among several different story lines. Because of who Wolverine is, however, he is easily recognized because of his characteristics. For example, he is usually short and stocky with crazy, wild hair and once the claws come out he is not easy to miss! You just have to follow the trail of disaster!

The original costume design by John Romita, Sr. was blue and yellow, with whiskers, and short eye pieces. After his original appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181,
he then appeared in Giant Size X-Men #1 as a new team member to the X-Men. When Gil Kane did the artwork for the cover he accidentally drew Wolverine's headpieces to large and pointed. The late Dave Cockrum, who drew the interior art for the book, liked the way they looked viewing them similar to Batman's cowl and thus followed suit with the design in the book. The large headpieces have continued to be a mainstay in almost every Wolverine costume.

Wolverine has had several costumes and designers. Every fan, though, has their favorite. Our favorite is the altered, "accidental" design by Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum. We would like to know which design do you like the best? VoteWhat Is Your Favorite Wolverine Costume?

Original Altered

Brown & Yellow




Hugh Jackman

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Who is the Best Wolverine Artist?

It is always a question of debate mixed with personal choice. Some artists define characters like Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man or Dale Keown's Hulk. Then you have classic covers or artwork that is never forgotten such as Alex Ross's Superman cover to Mythology of Frank Miller's Bullseye killing Elektra. These are scenes that capture us and are not forgotten. It is not so much the scene as it is the artwork

and the dynamics portrayed. Some artists just know how to capture the true essence of a character and define him forever. That being said we want to know what you think about Wolverine. Since it is Wolverine Week here at Krypto-Knight Comics, we decided to have a poll to see who you, the fans and readers, feel is the best Wolverine artist. We were obviously not able to list all of the possibilities so we picked some of the best Wolverine artists from which to choose. Cast your vote, leave a comment and let us know who you chose. If your favorite artist is not listed then post a comment and tell us who it is and why. We look forward to all the great comments! VoteWho is the Best Wolverine Artist?
Adam Kubert
Arthur Adams
Barry Windsor-Smith
Frank Miller
Jae Lee
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Had The Best Batmobile?

"Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed." Those classic lines from the Batman TV show in the 1960's solidifies one of the most recognizable cars ever to exist, The Batmobile. Bob Kane's creation of the Batmobile changed the way superheroes were made. Since Bruce Wayne had no super powers and had a HUGE bankroll instead, it only made sense that he would have gadgets to fight. Any crime fighter in his position would need a means to travel. Superman could fly. The Flash could run. Spider-Man had webbing. Batman, however, has always had the coolest ride!

This raises an interesting question. Which design for the Batmobile has been the best. We have seen TV versions, animated versions and film versions. We would like to know what you think. Cast your vote below for your favorite Batmobile. You will earn 10 points in our weekly contest. Just for the record, our favorite is the 1960's version driven by the Adam West Batman. It is too hard to vote against such a classic Batmobile! VoteWho Had the Best Batmobile?
Adam West

Christian Bale

Diedrich Bader

George Clooney

Michael Keaton

Rino Romano

Val Kilmer

Kevin Conroy

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