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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Evolution of Batman, Great Artists Create A Legacy

Bob Kane, with the uncredited aid of Bill Finger, sold the rights for a superhero in 1939 to National Comics. The hero proved to be an everlasting icon among comic book characters. Batman has gone from the pages of comics to be featured in newspaper comic strips, novels, graphic novels, television shows, cartoons and films. He is among one of the most celebrated and recognized characters in all of comic book history.

Despite the diverse markets in which Batman has been shared, the one that continues to define him is the comic book. His history is written and established through the pages of one of imagination's oldest outlets. The artists who have been privileged to bring Batman to life have also affected the dynamics of such a visible character. Many great artists, and some not-so-great, have penciled the Caped Crusader and Dark Knight to life each leaving him with their own touch, their own mark and their own interpretation.

Different eras have defined different styles. Different artistic media have also been used, such as animation, painted art and dynamic pencils. Among the greats are such ones as Jack Kirby, John Byrne, Neal Adams, Dick Sprang and others. Through their work Batman has grown to what he is today. Their definition of justice is revealed through their artistic impression of Batman.

We would like to know what you think. Which art style and artist do you prefer and enjoy. Cast your vote below, leave a comment about your favorite Batman artist and share with us as we continue Batman Week. Be sure to visit us at our website, VoteWhich Batman Artist Do You Like The Best?
Bob Kane

Dick Sprang

Neal Adams

Jim Aparo

Frank Miller

Norm Breyfogle

Tim Sale

Jim Lee


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  1. i chose bob kane cause hes the original artist for batman you really cant compete with the original of course you can make your own rendering of what you think the character would look like but the original is always the best.

  2. My Personal Favorite Has Always Been Jim Lee, His Style Of Artwork, His Attention To Detail. He Is One Of The Best In My Opinion. Both The Artwork In Hush And All-star Batman And Robin Was A Spectacular Showcase Of Skill And Dedication That I Respect!!!

  3. Well said Neo! As much as I agree with Zach on classics, I have to go with Jim Lee as well. His art well defines the character in the way it should be expressed. I like the styles of other artists but Jim Lee's is the best.

  4. i honestly wish i could choose three artists from that list but my all time favorite comic book artist is and has been since day one.... jim lee. his take on batman included aspects of the two other artists i like best on this list. jim lee's batcave splash in all star batman and robin has been imitated but never given as much attention to detail and skill jim lee's did.

  5. Miller is the man, has always been one of my favorites.

  6. I chose Bob Kane as I've always like the original style that he created for the character. That said, I truly enjoy several of the artists renditions including Neal Adams and Tim Sale. The Neal Adams version seems to be more 'comic book' in style, almost approaching animation with lots of action/movement involved, whereas the Tim Sale version seems to take from some of the darker versions released and melds them together into a clean yet ominous feel to the art.