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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Best Wolverine Costume

Everybody's favorite Marvel Mutant, Wolverine, has dawned several costumes among several different story lines. Because of who Wolverine is, however, he is easily recognized because of his characteristics. For example, he is usually short and stocky with crazy, wild hair and once the claws come out he is not easy to miss! You just have to follow the trail of disaster!

The original costume design by John Romita, Sr. was blue and yellow, with whiskers, and short eye pieces. After his original appearance in The Incredible Hulk #181,
he then appeared in Giant Size X-Men #1 as a new team member to the X-Men. When Gil Kane did the artwork for the cover he accidentally drew Wolverine's headpieces to large and pointed. The late Dave Cockrum, who drew the interior art for the book, liked the way they looked viewing them similar to Batman's cowl and thus followed suit with the design in the book. The large headpieces have continued to be a mainstay in almost every Wolverine costume.

Wolverine has had several costumes and designers. Every fan, though, has their favorite. Our favorite is the altered, "accidental" design by Gil Kane and Dave Cockrum. We would like to know which design do you like the best? VoteWhat Is Your Favorite Wolverine Costume?

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Brown & Yellow




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  1. I had to go with X-Force, the all black loo was just badass.

  2. although... the alex ross unused design still kicks all the costumes asses....

  3. I failed to include Alex Ross's design. He is my favorite artist! I have a lot of stuff by Alex and had the chance to meet him in 1999 in Orlando, FL. Great guy. Thank you everyone for your comments!

  4. I Like The Blue And Yellow The Most, Ive Always Favored That Look. The Brown And Yellow Was Alright But It Didnt Really Appeal To As The Blue Did. The X-Force Was Extremely Cool And So Was The Ultimate. But By Far The Costume I Love The Most, Which Wasnt On The List, Was X-men Evolution Orange And Black Costume. I Really Liked That Design. I Dont Know I Cant Really Explain Why, But I Just Really Liked It!

  5. I had to go with the X-Force version. I never really understood the Yellow and Blue or the Yellow and Brown versions. The Y&B version especially doesn't make any sense as he would not be able to hide very well (not good for camo) and it just didn't look right to see such a 'bad ass' type character in yellow, lol.