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Friday, January 14, 2011

Sabretooth - The Evil Enemy of Marvel's Favorite Mutant, Wolverine

Every great story has a protagonist (the hero) and an antagonist (the villain). This is true even in comic books. Consider for a moment the great hero-villain match ups; Superman & Lex Luthor; Batman & The Joker; Spider-Man & The Green Goblin; Fantastic Four & Doctor Doom. Among the great rivalries in the comic universe is Marvel's favorite mutant, Wolverine, and his arch-villain, Sabretooth.

Sabretooth is easy to describe. He is pure evil. He has no love for people, mutant or otherwise, and he has a craving for violence, terror and blood. His relationship with Wolverine was a mystery for decades until it was explained in Origins and also partially on the big screen in the movie Wolverine. He has drawn, written and portrayed almost always the same. Taylor Mane's character in the 1st X-Men film was somewhat different in that he seemed to be nothing more than Magneto's lap dog. In most other stories, however, he is portrayed as the intelligent villainous being that he is. It is almost as if his mutant ability is evil itself even proving himself the better of Wolverine in most encounters.

In the mainstream Marvel Universe, Sabretooth eventually meets his end at the hands of Wolverine. Using the Muramasa blade, which interferes with their mutant healing factors, Wolverine decapitates Sabretooth for his murderous and criminal acts against humanity and mutantkind. His body and head were left to rot in the snow of the Canadian wilderness. If and when we see a return of Sabretooth remains to be seen.

From the pages of Iron Fist #14 to the big screen, Sabretooth is loved only as a nemesis to Wolverine. As a fan favorite villain, we would like your opinion on which version of Sabretooth is the best. Cast your vote below and feel free to leave your comments about this evil Marvel character. VoteWhich Sabretooth Is Your Favorite?
Marvel Sabretooth

Ultimate Sabretooth

Liev Scheiber Sabretooth

Taylor Mane Sabretooth

Sabretooth Tiger

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  1. I voted for the Liev Scheiber version as that version most closely resembles my mental image of the character. In addition, it was such an improvement over the Taylor Mane version that I nearly forgot that version even existed. I like the original artwork for Sabretooth, but think that the color scheme is a bit too bright for such a dark character.

  2. i voted for the marvel sabretooth cause nothing is as good as the original the original was more blood thirsty and murderous

  3. i voted for marvel dont get any nastier

  4. I voted for Ultimate, I would have said Marvel but I'm so sick of the fur mane!

  5. The Original Marvel Sabertooth Is By Far The Best. Ive Always Enjoyed Reading The Batttles Between Him And Wolverine, You Always Know Its Going To Be An All Out Slug-Fest When Those Two Face Off Against Each Other. The Ultimate Sabertooth Was Interesting Look For Him But He Too Closely Resembled Wolverine And He Didnt Seem As Ruthless And Violent As The Original. Now As For The Movie-verse Liev Did A Great Job Actting But The Look Still Wasnt All There, Thats Just My Opinion. Tyler Mane Had More Of The Look, Resembled An Animal And He Is A Huge Guy. And Lastly The Sabertooth Tiger Would Get His Ass Torn Apart If He Ran Into The Original Victor Creed, LOL!!!