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Monday, January 10, 2011

Who is the Best Wolverine Artist?

It is always a question of debate mixed with personal choice. Some artists define characters like Todd McFarlane's Spider-Man or Dale Keown's Hulk. Then you have classic covers or artwork that is never forgotten such as Alex Ross's Superman cover to Mythology of Frank Miller's Bullseye killing Elektra. These are scenes that capture us and are not forgotten. It is not so much the scene as it is the artwork

and the dynamics portrayed. Some artists just know how to capture the true essence of a character and define him forever. That being said we want to know what you think about Wolverine. Since it is Wolverine Week here at Krypto-Knight Comics, we decided to have a poll to see who you, the fans and readers, feel is the best Wolverine artist. We were obviously not able to list all of the possibilities so we picked some of the best Wolverine artists from which to choose. Cast your vote, leave a comment and let us know who you chose. If your favorite artist is not listed then post a comment and tell us who it is and why. We look forward to all the great comments! VoteWho is the Best Wolverine Artist?
Adam Kubert
Arthur Adams
Barry Windsor-Smith
Frank Miller
Jae Lee
Jim Lee
John Byrne
Marc Silvestri
Paul Smith

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  1. Frank Miller all the way!

  2. I voted for John Byrne, but would have chosen Sam Keith if he had been an option. I've been a fan of Sam Keith's work for a long long time and really like the rough, gnarled way he draws Wolvie.

  3. I've got to say Art Adams, I just really enjoyed his time on X-Men in general.

  4. sorry guys and girls... silvestri is a god....

  5. Keith is good choice, I forgot about his MCP stories. Silvestri, while a great artist I think was held back by Dan Green inking most of his run but his cover to UXM #251 is one of the best covers for the title ever. I have to say Lee, Adams and Byrne were the best Wolverine artists. Kubert was really good too until he changed his style.

  6. Jim Lee Hands Down!!! Everyone Else Are Great Artists But I Am A Huge Jim Lee Fan! I Have To Pick Him Over Everyone All The Time! His Work Whether Its Wolverine, Batman, WildCATS Or Anything Its Going To Look Excellent! He His My Pick ALWAYS!!!

  7. i picked frank miller cause who is better he is the best artist for wolverine that ive ever seen no one can surpass his art for wolverine cause hes had practice with other titles such as his glorious reign with daredevil and with batman even no one can compare comic art for wolverine with frank miller and ill close this with one of stan lees great sayings 'nuff said

  8. leinil francis yu; adam kubert; John Buscema
    in that order for the ongoing series.
    In other works, opaena is killing it