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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Who Had The Best Batmobile?

"Atomic batteries to power. Turbines to speed." Those classic lines from the Batman TV show in the 1960's solidifies one of the most recognizable cars ever to exist, The Batmobile. Bob Kane's creation of the Batmobile changed the way superheroes were made. Since Bruce Wayne had no super powers and had a HUGE bankroll instead, it only made sense that he would have gadgets to fight. Any crime fighter in his position would need a means to travel. Superman could fly. The Flash could run. Spider-Man had webbing. Batman, however, has always had the coolest ride!

This raises an interesting question. Which design for the Batmobile has been the best. We have seen TV versions, animated versions and film versions. We would like to know what you think. Cast your vote below for your favorite Batmobile. You will earn 10 points in our weekly contest. Just for the record, our favorite is the 1960's version driven by the Adam West Batman. It is too hard to vote against such a classic Batmobile! VoteWho Had the Best Batmobile?
Adam West

Christian Bale

Diedrich Bader

George Clooney

Michael Keaton

Rino Romano

Val Kilmer

Kevin Conroy

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  1. Clooney all the way.

  2. My vote has to be for the classic one...Adam West had the coolest Batmobile!

  3. 60's Batmobile, designed by the immortal Barris Kustoms, how could you vote for anything else? and here is a little info on Barris if you are interested:

  4. I had to go with the classic 60's Adam West Batmobile. You just can't beat that iconic look. That being said, have you seen the Batmobile that James DeSimone (former head of the GI Joe Club prior to MasterCollector) created for the 12" Joes? It is the classic 60's style. If I was more into the 12" figures (and of course had the cash to drop) I would love to have one of those sweet Batmobiles in my collection.

  5. My Vote Is For Rino Romano, The Batmobile From The Batman Was Sweet, Both Versions! But My Favorite Which Wasnt On The List Is Terry McGinnis's Batmobile. They Took The Batmobile And The Batwing And Merged Them Together To Create A Awesome Crime Fighting Vechile! Movie Wise, Keaton Had The Best, Kilmer's Was Too Flashy And Thats Not What Batman's About. Clooney's Was The Worst, Hell It Only Seated Batman, If Anyone Needed To Be Transported They Would Be Out Of Luck Calling That Batman. I Dont Think Of Bale's As The Batmobile, More Of A Bat-Tank But Cool Nonetheless. And Adam West's Batmobile Was Cool And Its A Classic!