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Friday, December 31, 2010

He Who Would Be Superman!

Since the creation of Superman it has been the goal of movie makers and TV producers to bring him live before fans and audiences. This gave rise to the question as to who should play the 'Man in Blue'? The most notable of all actors has been Christopher Reeve. His role in the Donner films from the 1970's made all of us believe that a man could fly. It was as if Reeve was born to play the role. However, he was not the first nor the last. Several have taken on the role of Superman in the movies and on television. Even the famous Tarzan actor, Ron Ely, portrayed Superman as a retired hero in an episode of Superboy in 1991. With a new Superman film on the way fans are eager to see who will be chosen for the role.

We would like to know what you think. Who do you think has been the best Superman so far? Cast your vote below! VoteWho was the best Superman?
Kirk Alyn

Brandon Routh

Christopher Reeve

Dean Cain

George Reeves

Ron Ely

David Wilson

Tom Welling

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  1. The best was Christopher Reeve in Superman: The Motion Picture. But I think that the next Superman should be Tom Welling. I've said for years that they did the whole thing with Superman Returns wrong. They should have used Smallville as a l...ead-in and have Tom Welling move into the roll of Superman in the movies... forget Brandon Routh he was 'eh'.

    I was wondering the same thing, except I was thinking who was the best live action Superboy. I still go with Tom Welling on that.

  2. Chris Reeve is just classic to me.
    Dave cosgrove a la facebook

  3. Christopher Reeve Was The Best Superman, I Think It Would Be Hard For Anyone To Dethrone Him In My Book. Tom Welling Is Good, Ive Enjoyed Smallville And With The Last Few Seasons It Has Made Me Interested In Seeing Him Take On The Role In A New Movie. Dean Cain Was Great On Lois And Clark And Would Of Made For An Interesting Pick For The Movie If They Would Of Started Work 10 Years But Alas Hes Too Old Now. Brandon Routh Had The Look But His Acting Was Terrible! I Am Extremely Hopeful That The Next Superman Movie Is Good So That We Can Finally Have A Batman/Superman Crossover Movie And Maybe Before I Die A JLA Movie.

  4. i said brandon routh cause he just embodies the superman spirit in his acting in the movie he did a great job playing the whole persona of clark kent and superman