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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Paul Newman and The Guinness Book of World Records

When we think of comic books its impossible not to think of the greats like Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, and many others. They have spent their lives and used their talents in entertaining the masses. Their imaginations have spawned even further creations. Without doubt their contributions have been epic. There is one creator, however, that stands out above them in silent victory.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Paul S. Newman is credited with being the most prolific comic book writer in history. Newman began his comic book career with DC Comics in 1947 by writing stories for the teen-humor series A Date With Judy. Throughout his career he scripted tales for Atlas Comics, Marvel Comics, Fawcett Comics, Hillman Publications, Timely Comics and others. His most well credited for his work on Turok (Western Publishing, Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics) as an uncredited writer, as most were in those days.

Other famous titles would include GI Combat, Journey Into Mystery, House of Mystery, The Lone Ranger, Darkwing Duck, and a comic-book adaptation of the Beatles Yellow Submarine. According to Guinness, Newman wrote over 4,100 stories and more than 36,000 pages giving him the title of the most prolific comic book writer. Paul S. Newman died May 30, 1999. If he were alive today we would certainly want to give him a big THANK YOU for sharing his imagination with us! Visit the Paul S. Newman Home Page to learn more about this great writer!

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  1. I don't know how they compiled this with so many writers back then not being credited- Somehow they must be going back in time & checking, because I don't think they could do it from memory...Heck, Stan Lee can't remember half the guys he made up!