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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Who Is The Best James Bond?

"The name is Bond...James Bond."  Known the world over, Ian Fleming's secret British agent says the most famous line in movie history.  Famous for his charm and gadgets he has saved the world from disaster several times over and always gets the girl!  To date, 8 actors have portrayed the cool headed man in the suit and everyone has their favorite, including me.  We would like to know what you think.  Who is your favorite James Bond? VoteWho do you think has been the best James Bond?
George Lanzeby

David Niven

Timothy Dalton

Sean Connery

Barry Nelson

Pierce Brosnan

Roger Moore

Daniel Craig

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  1. Kudos for even including the obscure "Casino Royale twins" in the poll:
    Barry Nelson from the 1954 American TV adaption from the show "Climax!" and David Niven from the 1967 spoof movie (the best part of which was the Herb Alpert theme music...listen here: )

  2. Sean Connery Was The Best Bond! All The Movies That He Portrayed The Character Were Awesome. Pierce Brosnan Is A Close Second. Goldeneye Was The First Bond I Seen At The Theatre When It Come So Pierce Holds A Special Place When It Comes To James Bond. I'm Still Warming Up To Daniel Craig, Casino Royale Was Good, Quantum Of Solace Was Alright But I Still Waiting For All The Bond Staples To Return With The Next Film But Thats Nothing Against Craig. Roger Moore Was Good But His Bond Was More Comedic To Me. Timothy Dalton Was A Good Bond, He Was Darker Than The Previous Bonds, I Wish He Would Of Came To The Franchise Sooner To Relieve Moore's Comedic Portrayal And Add A More Seroius Take, Licence To Kill Was Awesome! George Lanzeby Was Good As Well But If He Would Of Did More Than One I Might Have Enjoyed Him More.

  3. Clear enough Miss Money Penny... This should present no significant problem. Sean Connery all the way. He IS Bond.