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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

What Villain Would You Love To See In The New Superman Film?

Every Superman film has featured Lex Luthor. We have not seen the diversity in villains in Big Blue's films as we have in Batman's on screen antics. Christopher Nolan's success with Batman villains, notable The Joker, has raised this question especially since Warner Brothers seems to have given him some control over the next film. Superman has no shortage of enemies! Some would be awesome to see in action giving him a challenge! We have put together a list to see who you would like to see on the silver screen. Feel free to leave comments as to who you would like to see and what actors/actresses might portray them. We are anxious to see what you come up with! Have fun! VoteWhat villain would you most like to see in the upcoming Superman film?
General Zod
Mr Mxyzptlk

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  1. Doomsday of course, he whooped supes once.

  2. I Voted For Brainiac, I Think He Would Be A Great Villian For The Reboot. Brainiac And Superman Have Had Great Battles In The Comics And In The Animated Universe, I Think Its Time We See It On The Big Screen. Doomsday Would Be Good To See In A Live Action Movie, But The Next Film Is A Reboot And Much Too Early For That Villian. Superman Needs To Be A Pretty Established As A Hero Before You Can Do That Villian. A Villian That I Would Like To See In The New Movie That Wasnt On The List Is Metallo, He Would Be A Really Good Choice To Face Superman In The Reboot, Have Luthor Trick Corben Into Becoming Metallo So That Corben Does The Dirty Work For Lex, That Would So Work! But Long As They Dont Make The Same Mistakes They Made With Superman Returns, Any Villian Choice They Make Should Work... Hopefully!!!

  3. I had to go with the Brain Interactive Construct aka BRAINIAC. The idea of a Kryptonian Android is just plain cool. I mean the Kryptonians had all sorts of advanced technology, so you could easily see how they would have engineered an advanced robot/android... that later went bad, lol.