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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Superman Team-Up; Who Is Your Favorite? VoteWho Is Your Favorite Hero To Partner With Superman?
Wonder Woman
Green Arrow
Green Lantern

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  1. Batman is the classic "World's Finest" partner for Superman. I can't imagine another hero polling as high as Batman on a list of "partners for Superman"....

  2. Batman!!! Batman And Superman Have Always Been My Favorite Team-up, When You Put Them Together Its Just Amazing, They Complete Each Other. There Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin. You Have Superman Who Could Easly Kill Batman In A Second With Any Of His Super Powers And Then Batman Who You Have To Guess Is Always Packin Kyptonite Just In Case Superman Gets Out Of Line, Teaming Up Against The Forces Of Evil... Its Just Epic!!! The Boy Scout And The Great Detective Always Make For An Interesting Read!!!

  3. I had to go with Green Lantern. My choice probably has less to do with Supes and GL teaming up rather than the fact that GL is a 'super cop' type in his sector of space and Supes is a 'super cop' on Earth. The parallels are interesting. In addition, I like the GL Corps (not Hal Jordan all that much).