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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Enter the Thunder God! Thor Film Rocks the Theater!

I cannot recall the last time I was so excited about seeing a movie. As the Thor film approached it's release date I chose not to read reviews, look at the pictures, or take in any knowledge that might affect my view of the film before seeing it. However, since I have seen the film I can honestly say was spectacular!!!

Spoiler Alert: If you have not yet seen the film and do not want to know aspects of what happens do not read any further.

I greatly appreciated the loyalty to the Marvel character's history as it appeared in the comic. While some changes were obviously evident in the storyline, those changes did not take away from the character nor did they define him as something he was not. It proved to be what you would expect from a film that needs to tell decades of history in under 2 hours. It was filled with laughter, action, drama, and special effects that made you believe it was real.

The Asgardians are described as a race from another realm within the physical universe. The Vikings would have believed them to be gods and in the movie it is clearly explained that they are the protectors of the nine worlds that exist. Though they are a higher level of being above humans, they are not without their faults and challenges.

Chris Hemsworth's portrayal of Thor is a perfection in itself capturing his immature hunger for a fight while seeing his on-screen growth to a responsible hero of both Earth and Asgard. He is believably Thor!

Tom Hiddleston was perfect for the role of Loki and captured the underhanded mischievous nature of Thor's adopted brother. His range of expressions, the somber feelings over Thor's banishment, his hurtful anger at Odin for not revealing to him his origin, and his lust for power and revenge were so remarkable that you both hated and felt sorry him.

Who else could have portrayed the authority of Odin and his wisdom better than Anthony Hopkins? From a powerful leader and warrior to a humble king and loving father, Hopkins made the role of Odin epic and alive.

The film also provided us with tastes of what lies ahead from Marvel Studios with a cameo of Hawkeye and a vision of the Cosmic Cube at the end of the credits. Loki, of course, is not out of the picture and it seems he will play a pivotal role in the upcoming Avengers film.

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