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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Krypto-Knight Comics Website Redesign

I never realized the amount of work that goes into designing a well functioning website. However, I am very happy with the new design for Krypto-Knight Comics. We have a website that is more user friendly, brighter in appearance, fun to navigate and, of course, great prices. I have always tried to keep prices below book values to benefit customers. So what's on the new site? At present there are over 150 pages to the site with many more to be added. Building the databases of comics is very time consuming and we have 1000's or comics and other items to add. In addition, we have changed the Krypto-Knight Comic Book Club to allow more fans to join. You can now join for FREE, although some aspects will be limited. Paid membership, which is very inexpensive, provides discounts, bonuses, special offers and special auctions. Free membership allows you access to basic auctions and to the forums. The Forum requires a separate sign-in so technically you do not have to be a KKC Member to participate, you just will not be allowed to participate in our auctions.
You will also notice that we made the site a little more fun by adding various comic book characters throughout the website. Funny images, quotes, and word bubbles add a bit of humor and fun to the environment. After all comics are supposed to be fun...right? Starting in January we will return to our weekly trivia contests and games, and our goal is to try and do a better job of tracking our winners. We had so much going on in 2011 that some aspects fell to the wayside. Our contests were an experiment and we were not sure how they would fare but we had 100's of participants this past year which was great. It was unexpected so early on but it was fun. Our goal for 2012, is to bring you a better experience. We are always open to suggestions and compliments. We welcome the criticism, too, as it helps us identify areas where we can improve. As we add new pages we will inform you so that you can check them out for yourself. If we do not have your email address then you can send it to us via our Contact Us page on the website. In the meantime, please visit the new

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