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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Captain America Movie Comments

Well I realize I am a little late with these comments. I finally saw Captain America: The First Avenger last night and my initial response to the film is that I thoroughly enjoyed it. I realize that some aspects of the film are not true to Captain America comic book canon so let me first say to all those who are going to cry and moan over that fact to just get over it. Never has a comic book movie ever been exactly as the comic book story originally was written. In fact, mainstream comic companies like DC and Marvel have a difficult time holding to their own universal story lines. When this happens we, as readers, viewers, and fans have to just step back and ask ourselves if the story is well written, are the visual interpretations well presented, and do we feel entertained when we reach the conclusion. When I apply this to Captain America I have to say that I enjoyed the film.

One aspect I enjoyed more than most is the visual representation of the Red Skull's scientific equipment and flying ships. They had that futuristic design popular in the 1940's comics. Those designs, when combined with the literal era pieces, gave it a nice comic book feel without becoming too campy. I also felt that the simplistic visual effects for the Red Skull were believable as opposed to just looking like a stupid mask or bad makeup.

In regards to Cap's uniform I must admit that I had concerns upon my initial viewing of the trailer, but after watching the film I felt like it was more appropriate to the era and the story. Presenting a cheap campy version during his entertainment tour of duty lent to a more appropriate battle version that was more in line with the World War II era. It reflected well the time period and what one might expect. My hope is that in the upcoming Avengers film that his costume will be more appropriate to the modern era.

My one complaint about the film was that there was not enough of action with Steve as Captain America highlighting him as a hero. The majority of his action shots were in the campy uniform covered by a leather jacket, and the scenes with him in his official uniform were too few and short for my taste. I also felt that the movie could have gone another 15 or 20 minutes and still not have been too long. However, taking the time to develop Steve Roger's pre-Captain character was essential to appreciating him as a humble man and why he would appreciate the gift provided him. This development will hopefully fuel his character in a greater way when he makes a powerful appearance in The Avengers. The contrasting characters of Tony and Steve will be fun to watch.

Overall, I will say I am pleased with what Marvel Studios did with Captain America: The First Avenger. I could watch it several more times and be happy with it.

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  1. I agree with your initial statement about comic book movies in that they are never 100% true to there origins but I would like to say that I have noticed that the ones that do follow the comics more usually do better in the box office and rating and I think that is because the comics got it right and the more you change it the worse it will do. Secondly, with you critisism of the movie, everyone always wants to see more of there hero but I think that they wanted to hold back a little to make sure people will see the Avengers when it comes out. Also, I think that they tries to keep it shorter because the public is usually sceptical about comic book movies and if they saw that it was 3 hours or longer they might not go to see it.

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