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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Greatest Comic Book Artist of All Time VoteWhat comic artist is the greatest of all time?
Jack Kirby
Alex Ross
Jim Lee
Todd McFarlane
Neal Adams
Marc Silvestri

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  1. Jim Lee Is The Greatest!!! I Dont Think He Could Anything Wrong When It Comes To Art!!!

  2. Todd McFarlane Is Also A Great Artist Expecially For The Artwork Of Spawn... Just Amazing!!!

  3. jim lee is by far my favorite comic book artist. i've been reading books drawn by him since i started reading x-men in the nineties. everything from wild cats to his runs on superman and batman were superb and a hard act to follow.

  4. Jack 'King' Kirby... They call him the King for a reason! I had to go with JK as it was asking about all time and while his work may not have been as crisp or flashy as some of the other artists listed, he CREATED so many character archetypes that allowed some of those other artists to develop their intricate character designs, etc. that he simply has to be labeled as 'The Greatest Comic Book Artist of All Time'.