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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Upcoming Comic Book Film! Cast Your Vote! VoteWhat comic book movie would you most like to see?
The Flash
Iron Fist
Justice League
Green Arrow
Alpha Flight

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  1. Justice League!!! DC Really Needs A Team Up! I Cant Wait For The Day When I Can See Batman And Superman On The Big Screen At The Same Time! The Justice League Comics Have Always Been Good And The Animated Series Was Just Simply Amazing, We Really Need That Movie!!! Marvel Already Has A Head Start With Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer And Of Course The Avengers In 2012. DC Really Needs To Get The Ball Rolling!!! I Know We Still Need A Good Superman Movie And Still Have To Do The Flash And Wonder Woman Movies But Batman's Been Good And Green Lantern Shows A Lot Of Promise! Here's To Hoping!!!

  2. Madman all the way! That could be a really great movie, not just a great comic book movie, but a great all around movie if done right. They would have to have Mike involved in the creation/production to ensure that it didn't turn into Freakazoid! (a cartoon based on Madman concept although it's creator denies it). I would actually go to the theater to see that and I RARELY go to the theater... 3 times in the last maybe 5 years (GI Joe, Star Trek and Terminator).