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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Daredevil #1 CGC 9.2 Sells for $10,800 On ComicLink

The all-star cast of the Daredevil movie could not save it from being a bad movie.  It's a shame, too, because Daredevil is such a popular character among Marvel fans.  Fortunately the bad movie has not affected the loyalty of fans nor the popularity of The Man Without Fear.

To prove this fact, ComicLink recently auctioned a Daredevil #1 with a CGC grade of 9.2 with off-white to white pages.  Any collector would love to have a copy of this and if I have to explain why then, simply put, you are not a collector.  For what amount did this book finally sell?  With 15 seconds left on the auction the bid went from $6500 to $7450.  Then with only 2 seconds left, the final bid came in at $10,800.  Not only a beautiful book but a beautiful price, especially for the seller. 

My favorite Daredevil story was "Guardian Devil" written by Kevin Smith and drawn by Joe Quesada.  (I have a couple of issues signed by Joe Quesada.  View them here.)  The story forces Matt Murdock, DD, to protect a baby that he is led to believe will be either a Messiah or an Antichrist.  In the process he struggles with the death of  love interest Karen Page who was killed by DD's archenemy, Bullseye.  In the end, there is a surprise villain behind it all, one that no reader expected.  This storyline began the Marvel Knights series and revived the the popularity of Daredevil.

What's your favorite Daredevil story?
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