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Thursday, January 21, 2010

What The?!

In 1988, Marvel began a comic series called What The?!  It was a comical parody of the superheroes in various comic universes and actually quite hilarious.  While they have no real book value, play no key roles in character development and do not appear on any comic book want list, their humor and audacity cannot be ignored.  They are "comic books" in the true form of what "comic book" means...they are designed to make us laugh.  Characters such as Spider-Ham, Raven, Wulveream, The Pulverizer, Superbman, Fantastical Four are among some of these spoof characters.  Wolverine seemed to be a more popular character to spoof in this series.  It lasted until 1992 with 26 total issues being written.  We may never see a CGC copy (are there any) sell for high value on auction but at least they gave us something to laugh at!

Recently I was witness to an event that made me say, What The?!  It was a somewhat funny incident but highlights the stupidity of some people; people that should appear in such a series.  I was standing in line at a convenient store and the young woman in front of me was wearing an American Cancer Society t-shirt.  What drew my attention to this was the fact that when she got to the counter she had a few items to pay for (I do not remember what they were) and she asked for a pack of Marlboro Lights 100's.  How is it someone can wear a t-shirt promoting a non-profit organization that works to fight against cancer while at the same time buy the #1 cause of cancer in the United States?  Am I the only one who sees the humor and stupidity in this?  I could not help but think...What The?!

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