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Friday, January 15, 2010

Who Should Play Steve Rogers in The First Avenger: Captain America?

Casting for any movie, much less a comic book movie, is a challenge.  Finding the right actor to capture an established character is not always as easy, although sometimes it's a given, such as Patrick Stewart for Professor X.  Choosing the right person for Captain America is like choosing who to play the Superman or Anakin Skywalker.  It has to be the right person and looks are not the only factor.  For example, what would Steve Rogers voice sound like?  Will he be built enough?  Is he physically up to the challenge?  Is he believable?

Sometimes an unknown actor is the best choice (Brandon Routh or Hugh Jackman come to mind for their roles).  In other circumstances a popular actor turns out to be perfect (Robert Downey, Jr or Liam Neeson).  With that in mind we have to ask, who could be Steve Rogers, Captain America?

I am not a casting director but I have my opinion as I am sure do many of you .  I have heard some say Brad Pitt, but I respectfully and strongly disagree with this choice.  Brad Pitt is as much Captain America as I am.  He was great in Oceans 11, 12, 13, Legends of the Fall and Benjamin Button, but CAP he ain't.  James Van Der Beek has also been suggested but I don't think his voice or acting style is commanding enough.  Aaron Eckhart?  Maybe.  I could foresee him in this role, but at the same time I think he is too old.  He has the voice, the look and a commanding presence but he shows his age.  If he were a few years younger it might work.  So who could do it?  Here is my opinion.

Major William Lennox, from Transformers, or at least the actor who played him, Josh Duhamel.    Why do I like him?  After watching Transformers I became convinced of his ability to play a commanding role, especially in battle.  Captain America first appeared during World War II and fought the Nazi's.  Therefore, it would only make sense that any actor would have to be able to show leadership in difficult situations.  Making that believable is key.  Josh Duhamel demonstrated he can do that.  He is younger and has the attitude, acting and ability to bring Captain America to life.  Feel free to agree or disagree with me.  In fact, who would you choose?

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  2. I would probably either go with an unknown or, possibly, John Cena. He's not the best actor, but if he gets an acting coach, he should be able to get by and I think he has all of the other qualities that you mentioned. The problem would be in making him look small enough to be believable before he takes the super soldier serum.