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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The 20th Century Genre Bender - Patsy Walker

It was a move Marvel Comics would make that was unusual, but it worked!  They capitalized on the dying interest of a age old character by introducing her to a new genre.  Patsy Walker was a very popular teenage comic character that starred in her own title issue called Patsy Walker.  She was an Archie type (Get it?  A play on words?  Archtype = Archie Type?  LOL) character that was especially popular among female readers.  She debuted in 1944 in Miss America Magazine and then had her title in 1945 which continue for 20 years.  Her book turned into a romance comic which were popular during that era.  When that genre of comic book began to die out Marvel decided to reintroduce the popular character into a different genre...the superhero genre.

Patsy Walker became a supporting character in Marvel's Amazing Adventures starring alongside the ever popular Beast.  She was married to a man named Buzz who had ties with The Brand.  Although they eventually divorced she still had association with superheroes because of her husbands disdain for Dr Hank McCoy, aka The Beast.  Because she volunteered to help him he promised to help her become a superhero, a promise he never had the opportunity to keep.  However, because of her friendship with him, she came into association with the Avengers and in Avengers #144 (which we will soon have up for auction), while helping the Avengers conquer The Brand, she became a hero when she dawned the former costume of the Cat and became Hellcat

To make a long story short, she eventually came to be a member of The Defenders which eventually led to her own title, a mini-series called Hellcat.  Unfortunately, from the time she joined The Defenders her character became somewhat obsolete and her storylines were well below par, at least in this writers opinion.  Will we see the return of Hellcat to the Marvel lineup? Only time will tell. 

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