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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What Do You Think Of The Spider-Man Movie Revamp In 3D?

It's official.  Spider-Man in 3D.  It's as many think it should be...Spider-Man swinging into theaters almost literally.  While it certainly proves exciting in some ways, there is a lot of speculation about the film.  What will it be titled? Who will be in it?  Rumors spread last week that Zack Efron has been cast as the next Peter Parker.  Whether that's true or not this writer cannot verify.  However, I do have my issues with this revamp.

First, I do not understand why they are doing a revamp.  It is true that Spider-Man 3 was not that great, but it was not bad either.  I think you have an established character and storyline that should continue progressing.  While getting the same actors to agree to repeat roles certainly is difficult sometimes, getting new actors should not mean a whole new movie of repeat.  Why start over?  It is a successful franchise that should just continue on.  It seems this century will be the century of repeat and remake.  Superman is being revamped...again.  Batman was revamped but it was necessary.  Marvel Universe is being rebuilt. DC had another Crisis undoing what came before.  Even "We Are the World" is being redone for what little good it will do.  There is an old expression..."If it ain't broke don't fix it!"  I do not think Spider-Man is broken, at least not the movie franchise.  The 3D aspect I do not mind.  It's the other part that bothers me. 

Second, with everything being "revamped" I am wonder what it says of the creative talent Marvel, DC and Hollywood all truly possess?  Can we not come up with a creative way of making things better?  Maybe we should just contract it out to Steve Jobs or to the Japanese.  What do you think?

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  1. I Agree, Spiderman Didnt Need A Revamp. The Movie Franchise Wasnt Broke, It Just Hit A Pothole. The Downfall Of Spiderman 3 Was The Studio Not The Director. If They Wouldnt Have Messed With Raimi's Vision Three Would Of Been Alot Better. I Was Looking Forward To Spiderman 4, And Mad With They Said They Were Going To Revamp. I Hope They Do Like They Did With The Incredible Hulk. Retell The Story In The Credits And So We Dont Have To Sit Through The Same Thing We Already Saw A Few Years Back. I Am Getting A Little Tired Of Everything In 3D. I Think Their Really Taking This 3D Thing A Little Too Far. Every Movie Doesnt Need To Be In 3D.