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Monday, February 1, 2010

My Favorite Beetle - Blue Beetle That Is!

Long blogs are hard to read.  I prefer shorter ones and often that is how I try to write them.  Blogs should get to the point and not waste a lot of a reader's time.  At the same time, however, it should capture the interest of the reader and hold it.  That is why it is difficult to write about a character like the Blue Beetle.  How so?

It's not that the character is boring.  In fact, I find that the Blue Beetle is a very interesting character.  The trouble lies in the fact that he has been 3 different people form several different eras with different origins and produced by different comic book companies.  Originally created in 1939 by Fox Syndicate it was later sold to Charlton Comics who revamped the original character and then created a new version killing of the revamp. The rights to these characters were then sold to DC Comics who has since killed off the Charlton version and created a new younger hispanic version. 

I grew up with the Blue Beetle created by Charlton and enhanced some by DC.  His alter ego was Ted Kord and he used a lot of gadgetry similar to the way Batman might use gadgetry.  My favorite version of this character was in the series Justice League of America during the 1980's.  He was best friends with Booster Gold and the two were considered second rate superheroes.  However, the duo put the "comic" back in comic book by providing the series a laughter that would make one's gut hurt.  I used to buy Justice League just to read the scenes of Blue Beetle and Booster Gold making jokes, usually at Guy Gardner's expense.  Ha Ha Ha.  I laugh just thinking about them.  Ho Ho Ho.  What funnies those guys made.  Bwa ha ha ha.   I can't stop laughing..bwahahaha...hohohoho...heeheehee...oh no I can't breath...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...oh please help!  HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!!!!

Seriously, though.  Blue Beetle is a character with a lot of potential.  I wish I owned the rights to him because there are so many stories, cool stories that could make Blue Beetle a top shelf character.  In the 1940's he was very popular with his own comic strip, comic book and a radio show.  He could be again.  The Ted Kord Blue Beetle from the 1980's was my favorite of the Blue Beetles.  Which Beetle is your favorite?

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