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Friday, February 5, 2010

Heroes In A Half Shell For Eastman & Laird - What's Your Dream?

From a simple humorous sketch by Kevin Eastman and some collaboration with his friend Peter Laird, the now popular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were born.  It began as a parody of Frank Miller's Ronin story and grew into what it is today.  Using a tax return and some borrowed money from an uncle, Eastman and Laird produced their own comic book through Mirage Studios.  The phenomenon grew into what it is today, a multi-million dollar business.  So popular have the Ninja Turtles become that on October 21, 2009, the cable channel Nickelodeon bought the rights to the TMNT for $60 million.  Yes you read that correctly, $60,000,000!  The cable channel's plans include a new movie (there are currently 4) and a new TV series featuring the fab four.

This is a story that highlights the success one can have if they work hard and take a risk.  While not all risks work out as we might like, we learn from them, and nothing has ever been achieved without some risk.  I recently created an online comic book store and have hopes that it will pay off.  Since a kid I have wanted to be in the comic book business in one way or another.  This is my first step.  While I may not have the success of Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird (then again I might) I know that the fun I have had so far in doing it has been..well FUN!  Come what may, I can only say that my hat goes off to those who give it a shot!

Recently a graded copy of TMNT #1 (CGC 9.6) sold for $7000.  Not a bad price tag for its owner.  Eastman and Laird's creation pays off even for collectors.  What is your dream?  Are you going after it?

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