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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

George Lucas Says He's Retiring

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fan of George Lucas. It is true that I am a huge fan of Star Wars, but a Star Wars fan is not necessarily a Lucas fan. I, however, have great respect for the man who built from scratch an empire and a legacy. In addition to Star Wars, Lucas has created Indiana Jones which spans across 4 movies (1 more on the way), a TV show, comic book tales via Marvel and Dark Horse, books and more. Other great films include American Graffiti, Willow, Tucker, THX 1138, and the upcoming Red Tails. Lucas has also been a producer on other films. Some of which you may recognize. These include Howard the Duck, Labrynth, Land Before Time, Kagemusha, Body Heat, Latino, More American Graffiti, Mishima, Radioland Murders, and Twice Upon A Time. This list is certainly not all inclusive.
Lucas has often come under fire by fans for his films. Even Star Wars fans complain about those films. Granted there are some aspects of the films that merit a consideration for improvement but the majority of complainers fail to miss the level of involvement and effort that goes into production. It is easy to miss mistakes, overlook editing cuts, or fail to notice storyline errors. However, considering the immense time span upon which the Star Wars tales have been told, it can be a challenge to fit all stories within a general framework without errors. As a fan I am willing to accept some errors or perceived errors amidst films that span across 5 decades. Lucas' films are really just the icing on the cake. It is his other contributions to the film industry that deserve attention and credit. Lucas' companies such as Lucasfilm, Ltd., Skywalker Sound, and Industrial Light and Magic have been at the forefront of developing new technology and standards that the film industry has needed and adopted. The standards for digital sound via THX has greatly improved the movie experience. Few movies can be watched without the imprint of George Lucas somewhere being stamped. Lucas' announcement of retirement is only in regards to epic films. He will finish the 5th installment of the Indiana Jones universe and focus on smaller films that focus on artistic quality. Regardless of what Lucas does, this writer will always be a fan!

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