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Friday, January 20, 2012

New Spider-Man Sparks Debates!

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Either you hate Brian Michael Bendis or you love him. Those who hate him have even more reason to do so because of the direction Marvel has allowed him to take in the Ultimate Universe. 16-year old Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, was killed off in Ulitmate Spider-Man #160. As if some fans were mad enough about his death, many have now raised issue with the fact that the new Spider-Man is a kid that is half black and half hispanic. What reactions have there been?

Some like the new direction and welcome the diversity and change. Others are quite opposed to changing the character and certainly racist individuals would be opposed to any hero whose origin is opposite theirs. So the question arises, should writers mess with mainstream characters and change their history?
The death of a mainstream character is nothing new. Superman, Flash (Barry Allen), Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Supergirl, Professor X, Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) are examples of mainstream characters who have been killed off and returned, replaced, or replaced and returned. It is interesting to note that the Conner Hawke Green Arrow, the son of Oliver Queen, replaced Oliver after his death is of mixed origin and is popular among fans. So what about Spider-Man? Should Marvel mess with Spider-Man?

My answer is yes and no! First of all I say 'no' to the idea of messing with the mainstream Marvel character. Marvel has already done things to the character that I do not like in recent years. It would be a disaster to kill him off and replace him. In the Ultimate Marvel Universe, however, it is not a bad idea. The Ultimate Universe was created to re-introduce Marvel to a younger and newer generation of comic readers, and it has allowed Marvel to take popular characters in a direction that might not be accepted in the mainstream universe. Wolverine went from being short to tall, Green Goblin became a literal monster, Thor is more powerful and less heroic and, therefore, it is not impossible for Spider-Man to be a kid who is half black and half hispanic. In fact, in invites new readers to a comic that may not have read comics before.

I am a comic book fan but as a writer I try to be objective. Although I am a white male raised in Southeast Georgia, where prejudice has taken a slow time to die out, I was not raised to be prejudiced. I have lived among blacks and hispanics and I speak Spanish. I think diversity should be embraced because we can all learn something from each other. Having a black-hispanic Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe lends to the introduction of new languages and the acceptance of other cultures. It would be nice to see Spanish words mixed with English. You may need to hire a translation agency to help you out but I feel the Ultimate Universe lends itself to more diversity and characterization that mainstream has failed to present. Miles Morales should prove to be an interesting Spider-Man!

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