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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Would Aspen Matthews Wear Body Glove Gear?

Who would not want to get free surfing lessons from Aspen Matthews, one of comicdom's favorite and sexy water born
characters. On our website at, we have a teaser advertisement just for fun offering free surfing lessons from Aspen. (You can see the ad by clicking here.) Of course, Aspen is just a fictional character from the mind of Michael Turner, but it got me thinking that if she were real and was a champion surfer, a sport of which she would be a natural, what kind of surfer wear would she sport? The answer was simple...Body Glove!
Body Glove, created by twin brothers Bill and Bob Miestrell in 1953, has been a leader in surfing gear, wetsuits, sunglasses, bikinis and other related beach items. They offer items for water enthusiasts around the globe and for all types of bodies of water. Even comic book fans like us will spend time on the water somewhere in the world. I grew up in the Southeast and still live here today. I have enjoyed visiting beaches all over the world and Body Glove have some of the coolest products for the beach and surf scene. The Body Glove Flame Orange wetsuit is suitable for surfing or diving while the Cheetah Bikini shows off beautiful bodies! Certainly I love comics and could not help but imagine Aspen Matthews sporting Body Glove. What other characters could you imagine wearing Body Glove gear? Hawkeye with sunglasses? Aqualad in a cool wetsuit? The Hulk in some boardshorts?
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