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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Comic-Con Las Vegas

Las Vegas.  Sin City as it has been called.  Over the decades it has been associated with gambling, mob activity, prostitution (one of the few places it is legal), lights, money, and more recently CSI.  Shows, singers and attractions are everywhere.  For a short time (10 years) Las Vegas was the home of the Star Trek Experience.  I never had the opportunity to visit the Star Trek attraction but hopefully it will reopen in 2012, but all indications are that the likelihood is slim to none.

With all that Las Vegas contains it is sad to me that there are not more attractions available for the comic book and Sci-Fi industry.  More parks like Universal's Islands of Adventure, which features Superhero Island based on Marvel characters, would be fantastic.  Six Flags parks have some DC based rides but there is not a real theme park dedicated solely to comic book characters.  With the rising popularity of superheroes it would make sense.  Imagine a Comic Book Park with sections each based on different universes, i.e. Marvel, DC, Image, Dark Horse, etc.  Licensing would be the big issue and it would take someone with a ton of money to do it.  Vegas would be an ideal spot for it.  The weather is comfortable nearly year round and it is full of people.  The only negative would be the attraction of a younger crowd to a city filled with vices like gambling and prostitution. 

Las Vegas is the home to many folks.  Why could it not be the home of a cool comic attraction?  For that matter why not have a Comic/Sci-Fi Convention located there?  What do you think?  We want your feedback and thoughts on it.

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